ZA 4 LT Silicone, Addition Cure, 4 ShA

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ZA 4 LT Silicone, Addition Cure, 4 ShA
ZA 4 LT Silicone, Addition Cure, 4 ShA
ZA 4 LT Silicone, Addition Cure, 4 ShA
ZA 4 LT Silicone, Addition Cure, 4 ShA

ZA 4 LT is a two-component RTV silicone rubber, which is especially recommended for making parts of moulds.

Extremely soft. Therefore it is advantageous where the tool requires high elongation at break. You can build a mould with harder addition cure silicone combined with ZA 4 LT at the specific part with a large undercut.

Suitable for use with polyurethane resin, acrylic resin, epoxy resin and polyester resin, but does not adhere to plasters, coatings, or paints either.

Main Application Areas:


In addition to mould manufacturing, it has a significant ink-adhesion ability. That’s why it is widely used for tampon printing and labelling tools.

Excellent for screen printing. It has high dimensional stability and good mechanical strength.

It is also used to make artistic ceramic forms. This silicone resin can be successfully applied where the surface is very complicated, coupled with small holes. Due to its high fluidity and low viscosity, which is almost like water, it allows penetration into the smallest voids.

More technical parameters and application help can be seen by clicking on the details tab below.

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Dowload the ZA 4 LT Silicone Datasheet (PDF, 101 kB)

The curing process may be prevented by the following:

You have to take special care when using additive silicone systems.

While you handle and mix the silicone elastomer components, make sure that all mixing tools (vessels, spatula, mixer, etc.) are clean and made of materials that do not affect the curing process or chemical reaction.

Do not use wood and paper mixer!

The following materials may also inhibit the polymerization of the silicone resin:

  • the presence of nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus and arsenic
  • compounds
  • organic tin catalysts
  • PVC stabilizers
  • epoxy resin catalysts

In addition, the following materials, products or materials containing them should also be kept away.

  • moulding clay
  • sulfur vulcanized tires
  • condensation silicone rubber
  • wood, paper, onion and garlic.

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Raw material state
Pot life
10 minute
Curing time
1.5 hour
1 700 mPas
Heat Resistance
-40 – 200 degree Celsius
Shore Hardness
4 ShA
Mix Ratio
100 : 100 by weight
Tensile Strength
1.5 MPa
4 Shore A
Technical datasheet
100g (2X50):  2 pcs
200g (2X100):  3 pcs
400g (2X200):  0 pcs
Article No.
In Stock    
110 g/pcs
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