about us

Our company has specialised in plastic parts prototyping and production as well as new product launching for many years.

The manufacturing of custom-made plastic products is handwork intensive. Since it involves high labour added value, the experience gained in the craft industry, hobby pottery, home jewellery etc. can be advantageous in meeting specific design and production demands.

Technology coupled with creativity allows us to produce high-quality industrial products in many areas.


One of the methods we use is casting polyurethane, epoxy resin or acrylic into silicone moulds. This way we can manufacture plastic products, jewellery or other one-off ornamental items.
As a consequence of the ongoing roboticization in the world, people will have more leisure time to follow creative hobbies and DIY activities.

Our goal is not only to provide raw materials, accessories, custom-made DIY tools and unique moulds to our customers but also to support them through the initial steps of their craftsmanship.

We have a vision for the DIY sector.

In contrary to the mass production that is becoming more automated, there will be a growing demand for custom-made items. We believe that home-made personalised products and handicraft will be much appreciated in the future.

Obviously, manual labour will often remain a necessary part of production.
The increasing maintenance costs, device repairs and the replacement of parts which are no longer manufactured makes manual labour an important and unavoidable factor. Several demands can be served by a 3D printer and resin casting.


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