Polyurethane Resin, small Kit

Polyurethane Resin, small Kit

With this polyurethane starter kit you get 3 types of resins with different technical properties. Price discount is 8%.

The total weight of the products is 552 grams.

Contents of the package:

  • 1 mini pack fast cast resin with 5 minutes pot life. It does not need high level of practice, because you will have enough time to mix and pour components into the mould.
    The F 180 resin can be easily painted due to its white color. Its gravity is almost equal to water, so with about 100 grams of material you can cast a figure of 100 cm3 total volumen.


  • 1 pcs 300 g Smooth-On TASK 5 fastcast resin with 8 minutes of pot time. This requires more experience. Due to the low viscosity, it fills the mould space, which facilitates the casting process. Another advantage is that you can measure the components easily as it is to be mixed together 1:1 volume %.


  • 1 mini pack of polyurethane elastomer resin of 30 Shore A hardness which has similar elongation at break capability like a silicone rubber but higher tear resistance. We can produce items with large deformation-resistant from that.


The exact product descriptions can be found on the product pages, which you can access by clicking on the package contents tab below.

Protosil kft.
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Bundle contents
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