ZA 22 Thixo Body Silicone, Addition Cure, spreadable, 22 ShA

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ZA 22 Thixo Body Silicone, Addition Cure, spreadable, 22 ShA

The ZA 22 Thixo Body is a two-component RTV silicone rubber developed specifically for the imitation and replica of human body parts. This silicone rubber has high skin-friendly properties.

It is suitable for use with polyurethane, acrylic, epoxy, and polyester resin.


Main Application Areas:


Sampling, mould making and modelling with significant reproduction accuracy. It has high dimensional stability and excellent mechanical strength.

Due to the short pot life and polymerisation, the uncomfortable feeling and the need for being motionless is reduced for some minutes.

ZA 22 Thixo Body has thixotropic consistency. It is well-spreadable and retains its thickness on vertical surfaces.

After removing (from) the model, it can be used as a mould with the resins mentioned above, but it is also possible to cast gypsum in them.

ZA 22 Thixo Body can be used to imitate human body parts.

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Dowload the ZA 22 Thixo Body Silicone Datasheet (PDF, 99 kB)

The curing process may be prevented by the following:

You have to take special care when using additive silicone systems.

While you handle and mix the silicone elastomer components, make sure that all mixing tools (vessels, spatula, mixer, etc.) are clean and made of materials that do not affect the curing process or chemical reaction.

Do not use wood and paper mixer!

The following materials may also inhibit the polymerization of the silicone resin:

  • the presence of nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus and arsenic
  • compounds
  • organic tin catalysts
  • PVC stabilizers
  • epoxy resin catalysts

In addition, the following materials, products or materials containing them should also be kept away.

  • moulding clay
  • sulfur vulcanized tires
  • condensation silicone rubber
  • wood, paper, onion and garlic.

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Raw material state
Pot life
6 minute
Curing time
0.25 hour
Heat Resistance
-40 – 200 degree Celsius
Shore Hardness
22 ShA
Mix Ratio
100 : 100 by weight
Tensile Strength
4 MPa
Technical datasheet
100g (2X50):  2 pcs
200g (2X100):  0 pcs
400g (2X200):  0 pcs
Article No.
In Stock    
110 g/pcs
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