Thixotrope for Additition Cure Silicone, mini Pack

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Thixotrope for Additition Cure Silicone, mini Pack

You can use this thixotropic additive for addition cure silicones available in our webshop.

The 5 ml portion is sufficient to thicken 500 g of silicone.

Adding this agent to the components of the silicone resin, they become thicker. However, the gravity of the material does not change. So it’s better to use the expression: the viscosity of the silicone increases.

According to the manufacturer's recommendation, both the base and the catalyst components are to be mixed with the desired and even quantity of the additives.

After 60 seconds of mixing, also the components need to be mixed.

The mixture will be spreadable enough for vertical surfaces.

Typically, 1-3 weight % of the thixotropic additive is sufficient to achieve the desired feature. Adding more would seriously modify (weaken) the technical properties of the cured silicone.

According to our practice dosing 0.5% of thixotropic agent results in an appropriate viscosity to get a well-spreadable mixture.

The shelf life is a minimum of 12 months in case of appropriate storage between 5 ° to 27 ° C in an airtight bottle or syringe.

Attention: the thixotropic agent will settle after long storage, and some components will separate. Shake it well before use to eliminate sedimentation.

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5ml :  6 pcs
10ml :  3 pcs
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