Silicone Two-component small Kit, 600 g

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Silicone Two-component small Kit, 600 g

As a medium silicone package, you get 4 types of silicones with different hardness.

The pack includes all the items of the smaller package in larger quantities plus an additional type of silicone.

All for a reduced price with 11% discount.

If you are a serious product developer this package has been assembles exactly to you.

The package weight is 600 g silicone resin of 4 different hardness.

Compared to the smaller pack doubled quantity (200g) from the most commonly used ZA13 MOULD WT 45 and  ZA22 MOULD.

But you can also experience the extreme soft (4 Shore A hardness) silicone. It can also be used for making stamps, pad printing tools.

HT 45 Transparent is also included. This silicone has relatively high hardness and is suitable for casting of low-melting metals, candles, waxes.

The exact technical parameters of the products can be found on the details page.

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Question about the product
Bundle contents

The curing process may be prevented by the following:

You have to take special care when using additive silicone systems.

While you handle and mix the silicone elastomer components, make sure that all mixing tools (vessels, spatula, mixer, etc.) are clean and made of materials that do not affect the curing process or chemical reaction.

Do not use wood and paper mixer!

The following materials may also inhibit the polymerization of the silicone resin:

  • the presence of nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus and arsenic
  • compounds
  • organic tin catalysts
  • PVC stabilizers
  • epoxy resin catalysts

In addition, the following materials, products or materials containing them should also be kept away.

  • moulding clay
  • sulfur vulcanized tires
  • condensation silicone rubber
  • wood, paper, onion and garlic.

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