Silicone Oil, 50ml, 100 cSt, general

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Silicone Oil 50ml 100 cSt
Silicone Oil 50ml 100 cSt
Silicone Oil 50ml 100 cSt
Silicone Oil 50ml 100 cSt

High viscosity silicone oil in small package.

20 ml can be ordered with a dosing syringe and in 50 ml and 100 ml small bottles.

It is primarily used for reducing the friction of moving parts.

But it is liked and used for making special effects in the creative hobby practices. For fluid painting technique.

By adding a few drops of oil to acrylic color, different bubbles and cells will be formed, since the silicone oil is not soluble in the medium.

The size of the cells can be controlled by the amount of silicone oil and the mixing intensity.

But also consider the viscosity of the oil. The higher the viscosity is the bigger the cells form. If you want to achieve small tiny effects, then take the very low viscosity oil of 20 cSt.

Alternative applications:

  • Giving nice luster and shine to plastic mock-ups
  • It protects the surface of metal and plastic parts due to its strong water repellent property.
  • For fine-calibration of the shock absorber of model cars
  • For damping and setting of RC telescope

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