Silicone Two-component mini Kit, 300 g

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Silicone Two-component mini Kit, 300 g

We offer this package for those who are just making the first steps for mould preparation.

This package includes an 8% discount.

The pack contains three different, 100 g silicone casting resins, which are the most common ones and easy to use.

However, they differ in their technical-physical characteristics:

The most important are the followings:


  • three different hardness
  • two of them are translucent, and the third one is blue
  • Different pot times: short, medium and long (it is also called the working time during which the casting can be performed)
  • three different viscosities


Despite the different properties, silicone resins can be poured onto one another.

Since each of them is an addition cure silicone of the same type, they will melt together within a certain time (guaranteed is within 24 hours).

In this way, we can make moulds, for example, in a particular part of the mould. High hardness, on the other hand, has a high elongation ability.

More information can be found or downloaded on the details page.

Protosil kft.
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Bundle contents

The curing process may be prevented by the following:

You have to take special care when using additive silicone systems.

While you handle and mix the silicone elastomer components, make sure that all mixing tools (vessels, spatula, mixer, etc.) are clean and made of materials that do not affect the curing process or chemical reaction.

Do not use wood and paper mixer!

The following materials may also inhibit the polymerization of the silicone resin:

  • the presence of nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus and arsenic
  • compounds
  • organic tin catalysts
  • PVC stabilizers
  • epoxy resin catalysts

In addition, the following materials, products or materials containing them should also be kept away.

  • moulding clay
  • sulfur vulcanized tires
  • condensation silicone rubber
  • wood, paper, onion and garlic.

Bundle contents
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