Silicone Glue, small Pack with Syringe

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Silicone Glue, small Pack with Syringe

This silicone adhesive is a widely used adhesive for sticking wood, metal, plastic (except polyethylene and polypropylene), glass and of course silicones.



Main properties of this silicone adhesive:


  • Contains acetic acid, which reacts to the humidity of the air.
  • UV standing, weather resistant
  • Has high heat resistance
  • Is acid and alkali resistant
  • Can be used between 50 ° C and + 200 ° C
  • Gel time 15 minutes
  • Full drying time is 24 hours


Indispensable auxiliary material for mould making. Eg. for temporary or even permanent bonding of two separate parts.


Anyone who has already used a similar glue would probably agree that half of the material purchased has to be thrown away.

After using, opening and closing the tip of the tube (eg 5-8 occasions), the adhesive is cured in the tube. Thus, in spite of the fact that buying this in bigger quantity (package), it seems to be less cost effective.



Our company is committed to environmental protection and we are looking for the cheapest and most economical solutions with our packaging.


That means, that we also offer this adhesive in a variety of small dispensers (in a syringes) that minimizes waste generation even with frequent usage.

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1,5ml :  6 pcs
10ml :  0 pcs
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