Candle Wax,

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Candle Wax, Paraffin Granulate, 62 C Drop Point

This candle wax is available in dirty-free pastilles and made from paraffin.

As its name implies, it is mostly used for candle casting.

The paraffin wax is generally a white, odourless, tasteless, artificial solid material. Because it is an explosive and non-toxic substance, it is also highly appropriate for candle-making under DIY circumstances. 

Its' low melting point facilitates casting into moulds.

The most suitable mould is made from silicone which allows a practically unlimited number of candle casting.

the wax is chemically non-adhering to silicone and can easily withstand the casting temperature as well. 

In addition, silicone moulds can be used to form a wide variety of tools to create soft, flexible or relatively rigid shapes to handle even the most complicated undercuts as well.



Paraffin can also be used in many other DIY applications:

  • figure making as a stand-alone product
  • making a masterpiece for metal moulding
  • surface treatment, polishing
  • for surface and corrosion protection of objects
  • for coating of fabrics and textiles to make them waterproof



Instruction for candle casting:

  1. Prepare the mould and settle in a stable and safe surface (silicone mould is prefered)
  2. Fix the candle wick in the mould so that it cannot move during casting.
  3. Measure the required amount of candle wax and heat them to 65-70 C. Do not use a flame. Heat in hot water or an oil bath to the above temperature. However, applying an adjustable oven to 70 degrees C is best. This is the simplest and safest method.
  4. The melted wax can now be poured
  5. Although the candle wax cools down relatively quickly and freezes, you can accelerate the process by placing the mould into a refrigerator.
  6. Then the tool can be dismantled.
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500 g:  11 pcs
1000 g:  4 pcs
4500 g:  2 pcs
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