Jewellery Artificial Marble

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Jewellery Concrete
Jewellery Concrete
Jewellery Concrete
Jewellery Concrete
Jewellery Concrete
Jewellery Concrete
This artificial marble moulding powder system is recommended for making jewellery and small ornaments.
It is suitable for imitating smaller plastics, bronze, silver, and copper if such metal powders are mixed with it, but with the use of additives, only the surface can be coated with the above metal powders for economical use.
Basic package: 250 g powder and 50 ml liquid component.
Appearance after curing:
  • smooth, marble effect surface
  • light gray white base
  • solidification after 24 hours
  • can be cast into a silicone mold
  • can be polished, engraved
  • can be painted, decoupaged
How to use:
  1. the amount of mixture to be used can be coloured with 1-3% pigment. The pigment can also be added to the resin.
  2. For 100 grams of powder component, mix 20 grams (approx. 20 ml) of liquid component
  3. if necessary, the pot time can be increased with a retarding additive
  4. place the mixture in the silicone mold
  5. simpler pieces without undercutting can be disassembled after 3 hours
  6. complete solidification after 24 hours, but use after three days is recommended
Special interest, metal powders, aluminium, bronze, copper, etc., by mixing and then grinding, polishing or with its patination, objects with a special metal effect can be made from it, as well as jewellery parts.
The surface can be made shiny, durable and chemical-resistant with epoxy coating resin and glass varnish.
Protosil kft.
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