DIY Vacuum Tool for Degassing Resin

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DIY Vacuum Tool for Degassing Resin
DIY Vacuum Tool for Degassing Resin
DIY Vacuum Tool for Degassing Resin
DIY Vacuum Tool for Degassing Resin

To cast epoxy resin free from bubbles is especially important for jewelleries!

The air bubbles and inclusions impair the quality of resin jewellery to high extent.
To avoid those quality deterioration we can read so many different techniques (sometimes dangerous as well) such as e.g. removal with gas flame, slow pouring in thin beam, etc.

Although these advices sometimes help a bit, they do not result sufficiently.
That why we recommend spacing the epoxy resin under vacuum before casting and only then pouring it into the mould.

The manual bubble remover contains:

1 vacuum pump (74 cm3)
5 vacuum valves

This tool above can help you to exempt the mixed epoxy resin from air bubbles you need additionally only a glass jar.


Place the mixed resin together with the mixing cup in a suitable, preferably small volume, glass jar.
Create a vacuum with the above tools.
As a result of the vacuum, the bubbles from the epoxy resin quickly rise to the surface and disappear.
Continue to remove the bubbles until the resin remains castable in the mould.
The casting should be directed to the lowest point of the mould. This helps hindering the formation of air bubbles again.

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